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Administrative Procedures

Section 2 - Human Resources


2A - Human Resources - Foundations

200A   Criminal Record & Child Abuse Checks

201A   Discipline of Professional Staff

202A   Division Administrative Organization

203A   Equal Opportunity for Employment

204A   Expression of Sympathy or Congratulations

205A   FIPPA

206A   Organization Chart

207A   Personnel Files and Access to its Contents

208A   Professional Staff Leaves and Absences

209A   Recognition for Special Accomplishments

210A   Staff Conflicts of Interest

211A   Staffing Practices and Procedures

212A   Student Teachers

213A   Teacher Absence to Conduct In-Service

214A   Professional Development Attendance

215A   Vacation Days

216A   Designated Superintendent/Emergency Superintendent Replacement

217A   Disconnecting from Work


2B - Human Resources - Job Descriptions

201B   Executive Assistant

202B   Maintenance Supervisor

203B   Secretary-Treasurer

204B   Student Services Coordinator

205B   Substitute Teachers

206B   Technology Resource Teacher

207B   Transportation Supervisor

208B   Superintendent/CEO Job Description

209B   Administrative Assistant

210B   Student Records Manager

211B   School Secretary

212B   School Custodian

213B   Educational Assistant

214B   Community Connector / Indigenous Education Facilitator

215B   Library Clerk

216B   Teacher 

217B   Vocational Education Facilitator

218B   Director of Student Services

219B   Curriculum Coordinator

220B   ICT Teacher Leader

221B   ICT Supervisor

222B   Network Administrator

223B   ICT Technician

224B   Mental Health Facilitator

2C - Human Resources - Evaluations

200C   Custodian Performance Evaluation

201C   Educational Assistant Evaluation

202C   Evaluation of Professional Staff - Administrators

203C   Evaluation of Professional Staff - Teachers

204C   Evaluation of Secretary-Treasurer

205C   Evaluation of Support Staff

207C   Evaluation - Executive Assistant

208C   Library Clerk Performance Evaluation

209C   Secretary Performance Evaluation

210C   Superintendent/CEO Evaluation

211C   Administrative Assistance Evaluation

212C   Maintenance Supervisor Evaluation

213C   Student Records Manager Evaluation

214C   Transportation Supervisor Evaluation

215C   Partners in Practice

216C   Evaluation of Professional Staff – Guidance Counsellors and Resource Teachers

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