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Board Policies

Policy Manual Introduction

Foundations and Direction of the Board

Policy 1    Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Policy 2    Governance Model

Policy 3    Indicators of Success

Policy 4    Community Engagement


Governance Process

Policy 5    Role of the Board

Policy 6    Trustee Code of Conduct

Policy 7    Annual Board Planning Cycle

Policy 8    Policy Development and Amendment

Policy 9    Board and Superintendent/CEO Relationship

Policy 10  Emergency Superintendent Succession


Executive Limitations

Policy 11   General Executive Constraint/Decision Making Matrix

Policy 12   Learning Environment/Programs and Services

Policy 13   Finances

Policy 14   Audits

Policy 15   Assets

Policy 16   Conflict of Interest

The following handbook is a reference tool for Park West School Division Trustees:  Trustee Handbook

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