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Bus Loading Zone Plans

Supervision of student loading and unloading on school grounds is an important part of the school bus transportation process. There is a potential for a serious injury or fatality if a student should fall (or be pushed) under a bus while the bus arrives at or leaves the school, so supervision during loading or unloading on school grounds is required.

The Public Schools Act (C.C.S.M c. P250) School Buses Regulation 465/88R lists the responsibilities for principals concerning student loading and unloading at school as follows:

THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS ACT (C.C.S.M. c. P250) Regulation 465/88R 
School Buses Regulation 


Loading and unloading 

14(1) Subject to the approval of the school board, the principal of the school shall 
(a)    prepare a plan for loading and unloading the school bus; 
(b)    designate a loading and unloading zone on or adjacent to the school grounds; and 
(c)    supervise or assign a responsible person to supervise the loading and unloading of the school 


In keeping with this legislation, the school loading zone plans below document:

  • The location for a loading / unloading zone on or adjacent to school grounds

  • The times when supervision is present for loading and unloading

  • The number of supervisors and the location for the supervisor(s) in this zone. The supervisor(s) will be in a position where each supervisor has a clear view of all buses under his/her charge and is visible to, and able to quickly communicate with, school bus drivers at all times.

  • Other special instructions concerning the loading zone.


Note that while the documents below identify the loading and unloading zones and plans used at each school, each school will maintain a supervisor schedule locally in accordance with these plans.

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