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Safety Plan

Manitoba Infrastructure provides information on the requirements for motor carriers to operate heavy vehicles (including school buses) in Manitoba, as well as how to comply with these requirements, on their website: 

In particular, relevant information is contained under the links titled:

  • The Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative - Safety Fitness Program Expansion

  • A Guide to Transportation Safety

Per the Manitoba Infrastructure document titled “A Guide to Transportation Safety”:

Manitoba recommends that motor carriers and operators of regulated vehicles complete a safety plan to ensure they are meeting safety and vehicle maintenance requirements. A safety plan is a document that outlines all of the safety and vehicle maintenance required to ensure drivers and vehicles are operating safely. Once a carrier has had a facility audit conducted, a safety plan becomes a requirement.

A safety plan is considered a best practice for motor carriers and operators of regulated vehicles in Manitoba. A safety plan summarizes many of the regulatory requirements of motor carriers or operators of regulated vehicles in one easy-to-use document.

The latest version of the Park West School Division safety plan is attached below.

Download PDF Plan

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