School Board Information

School Board elections are a great opportunity for Manitobans to get involved in public education - by voting or running as a candidate for school trustee.  

Ward Boundaries

Park West School Division has 10 wards.  One trustee is elected to represent each ward.  Please click here to view the maps.

The Board of Trustees

In Canada, education is a provincial responsibility.  In Manitoba, the responsibility for the delivery of public education to students in kindergarten through to high school graduation has been delegated to school boards.


School boards are elected bodies responsible for the planning and delivery of educational services within geographic regions known as school divisions or school districts.  For practical purposes, there is no difference between a division or a district.  Provincial legislation in the form of the The Public Schools Act and The Education Administration Act defines the structure, obligations, and responsibilities of school boards; within the bounds imposed upon them by this legislation, school Boards are themselves a law-making level of government.


The key functions of Park West School Division are: the determination of policy, setting the strategic direction of the organization, developing the annual budget for the organization, and ensuring policies and strategic direction are implemented.  In general, the Park West School Division Board focuses its energy on high level decisions rather than the details of daily activities and operations of the school division.  The Board delegates managerial and administrative authority to the Superintendent/CEO.

Trustee Indemnity

Trustees are paid an indemnity as compensation for their work on behalf of the board.  The indemnity is paid monthly and trustees are not expected to record the regular meeting hours.  The annual indemnity varies depending on the position held. Please see the Indemnity By-law below for details.

The Manitoba School Boards Association

The Manitoba School Boards Association is a voluntary organization of public school boards in Manitoba. The mission of the Manitoba School Boards Association is to enhance the work of locally elected school boards through leadership, advocacy and service, and to champion the cause of public education for all students in Manitoba.

Below are useful resources for both potential candidates and voters.  

Please visit the Manitoba School Boards Association at for more information.