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School Board Elections 2022

School Board elections are a great opportunity for Manitobans to get involved in public education - by voting or running as a candidate for school trustee.  A School Board election will be conducted under the authority of Municipal Councils and School Board Elections Act and will be held on October 26, 2022.  Our Senior Election Official, Jody Percival, will be accepting Nomination Papers commencing September 14, 2022, during the election period. Nomination papers will be available from the Division Office located at 1126 St. Clare Street in Birtle, between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Nomination papers must have 25 signatures of voters whose names appear on the Voters List. Signatures must also be from residents who reside in the ward in which they are seeking election. The deadline to file nomination papers is September 20, 2022, at 3:30 pm

Ward Boundaries

Park West School Division has 10 wards.  Please click here to view the maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    When is the next school board election?
A:    School board elections are held every four years. The next general school board elections will be held on October 26, 2022.
Q:     Who serves as public school trustees?
A:     Public school trustees come from all walks of life. They are retirees, homemakers, professionals, trades people, university students—the list goes on. What these people do have in common, however, is a sincere interest in children and education, and a desire to serve their communities.
Q:      I live in one school division, but own property in a neighbouring one. Can I run for school trustee in either of the two divisions?
A:    No. The Public Schools Act requires that a candidate be "an actual resident in the school division or district," and that he or she has been so for a period of at least six months at the date of the election.
Q:    My school division is divided into ten wards. I live in Ward 1. Does that mean that I have to run as a candidate in Ward 1, or can I run in one of the other wards?
A:    A candidate does not have to live in the specific ward in which he or she runs, as long as they do reside in the division or district. However, nomination papers must be signed by electors who do live in the ward in which the candidate will be running.
Q:    My spouse teaches in the school division in which we live. Can I still run for school trustee?
A:    An individual whose spouse works for a school division or district may still be a trustee in that same division or district. There are, however, some matters which come before the board where that trustee would be considered to have a conflict of interest. In those situations (such as salary negotiations), that trustee would not involve him or herself in the debate or voting on that specific matter. There are a number of other situations where a trustee could have a potential conflict of interest. Legislation requires that situations such as these be declared when a trustee takes office.
Q:    I am a public school teacher. Does that disqualify me from running for school trustee?
A:    A teacher or other school division employee may serve as a school trustee. If you work in the same school division or district in which you live, you will be required to take a leave of absence from your job in order to serve.
Q:    If I'm elected school trustee, how will I learn about the job? Will I be offered any training?
A:    Most school divisions and districts offer orientation sessions for new trustees, to familiarize them with local policies and procedures. As well, many new trustees attend training sessions organized by the Manitoba School Boards Association in the fall following trustee elections. These sessions bring together newly-elected trustees from across the province, and help to orientate them to their new role.

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