Park West Board of Trustees

Sandy Szwaluk
Tiffany Priestley
Ashley Chamberlain
Dana Barteaux
Patsy Chuhai
Tanya Thompson
Jennifer Andrew
James Roszell
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 Vice Chair, Ward 2

 Ward 3

 Ward 4

Board Chair, Ward 5

 Ward 7

 Ward 8

 Ward 1


 Ward 10

Ward 9

Debby Lee

Ward 6

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Personnel & Negotiations Committee


Patsy Chuhai, Tanya Thompson, Debby Lee

James Roszell, Tanya Thompson Jennifer Andrew

Tiffany Priestley, Tanya Thompson, Jennifer Andrew 

Finance Committee

Ashley Chamberlain, James Roszell, Patsy Chuhai

Park West Fibre Optics Co-operative Board

 James Roszell, Debby Lee, Ashley Chamberlain, Jennifer Andrew (Alternate)


Student Citizenship Committee

Dana Barteaux, Jennifer Andrew, Ashley Chamberlain, Tiffany Priestley

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MSBA Aboriginal and Indigenous Education Action Planning Committee 

Lisa Makwebak

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