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Divisional Administration Contacts

Superintendent / CEO
Stephen David

Phone: 204.842.2117


Inderjeet Singh

Phone: 204.842.2112


Director of Education for Waywayseecappo
Colleen Clearsky

Phone: 204.859.2777


Executive Assistant
Jody Percival

Phone: 204.842.2102

Finance Contacts

Payroll Administrator - Teachers
Donalda Wishart

Phone: 204.842.2109

Payroll Administrator - Support Staff
Stevee Decorby

Phone: 204.842.2105


Finance Office - Waywayseecappo
Jackie McKee

Phone: 204.859.2777 or 204.842.2122


Finance Office - Waywayseecappo
Kristina Malcolm

Phone: 204.859.2777

Accounts Payable
Sandra Sali

Phone: 204.842.2113


Transportation Contacts

Supervisor of Transportation
Rick Hrycak

Phone: 204.842.2111

Executive Assistant
Shawna Wilson

Phone: 204.842.2104

Bus Garage

Phone: 204.562.3529

Maintenance Contacts 

Maintenance Supervisor
Rod Snow

Phone: 204.842.2108

Cell: 204.773.6673

Executive Assistant
Shawna Wilson

Phone: 204.842.2104

Technology Contacts 

ICT Supervisor - Grant Roszell

Computer Technicians - Noel Schwalm & Ryan Baschak
Phone: 204.842.2814

Network Administrator - Steve McKim

Student Records Manager/Software Specialist
Symantha Dunn

Phone: 204.842.2103 

LWICT Teacher Leader

Leah Obach

Phone: 204.573.8295

Student Services Contact 

Director of Student Services 

Bonnie Kiliwnik

Phone: 204.842.2107 

School Psychologist

Ashley Wood

Phone: 204.821.5474 

Speech & Language Pathologist

Kim Baskerville

Phone: 204.842.2119


Speech & Language Pathologist

Amber English

Phone: 204.842.2803

Speech & Language Pathologist

Kyla Fraser

Phone: 204.859.2811


Divisional Counsellor

Nadine Hickey

Phone: 204.859.2811


Executive Assistant

Shawna Wilson

Phone: 204.842.2104

Other Contacts

Divisional Vocational Coordinator
Lindsay Rubeniuk
Phone: 204.821.5174 

Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner
Bob Gaiser

Phone: 204.761.8947 

Literacy/Numeracy Curriculum Facilitator
Connie Zimmer

Phone: 204.842.2121

Community Connector

Maureen Twovoice 

Phone: 204.821.4009

Division Admin
Student Services
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