Board & Governance

Park West School Division Board of Trustees meet on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.  During the month of August, Regular Board Meeting will be held on the 4th Thursday of the month. There are no board meetings during the month of July.

Regular meetings of the Board are held in the board room at the Administration Office located at 1126 St. Clare Street, Birtle, MB.    


The public is invited to attend any public board meeting in person or by Zoom. Those wishing to attend or observe a regular board meeting do not need to make prior arrangements.

Trustee                            Ward                               Email

Sandy Szwaluk, Board Chair                      5 - Shoal Lake                                   

Patsy Chuhai, Vice Chair                            7 - Rossburn                                      

Jennifer Andrew                                          1- Hamiota                                         

Dana Barteaux                                            4 - Birtle                                             

Tiffany Priestley                                           2- Miniota                                         

Ashley Chamberlain                                    8 - Inglis                                             

Debby Lee                                                   6 - Strathclair                                    

Tanya Thompson                                         3 - Binscarth                                      

James Roszell                                             9 - Russell                                          

Lisa Makwebak                                          10 - Waywayseecappo                        


Personnel & Negotiations Committee


Patsy Chuhai, Tanya Thompson, Debby Lee, James Roszell

James Roszell, Tanya Thompson Jennifer Andrew

Tiffany Priestley, Tanya Thompson, Jennifer Andrew 


Finance Committee

Ashley Chamberlain, James Roszell, Patsy Chuhai, Dana Barteaux

Park West Fibre Optics Co-operative Board

 James Roszell, Debby Lee, Jennifer Andrew


Student Citizenship Committee

Dana Barteaux, Jennifer Andrew, Ashley Chamberlain, Tiffany Priestley