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Policy setting is a crucial school board role in our system of educational governance. Like Parliament, provincial legislatures, and city or municipal councils, school boards establish the direction and structure of their school divisions by adopting policies through the authority granted by provincial legislation. School board policies have the force of law equal to statutes or ordinances. Policies establish directions for the division; they set the goals, assign authority, and establish controls that make school governance and management possible. Policies are the means by which educators are accountable to the public.

Policy Manual

The Park West School Division Board of Trustees approved the new Board Policy Manual on August 22, 2013. To view the manual click the policy link below.

Foundations and Direction of the Board
Policy 1 Vision, Mission and Beliefs
Policy 2 Governance Model
Policy 3 Indicators of Success
Policy 4 Community Engagement
Governance Process
Policy 5 Role of the Board
Policy 6 Trustee Code of Conduct
Policy 7 Annual Board Planning Cycle
Policy 8 Policy Development and Amendement
Policy 9 Board and Superintendent/CEO Relationship
Policy 10 Emergency Superintendent Succession
Executive Limitations
Policy 11 General Executive Constraint/Decision Making Matrix
Policy 12 Learning Environment/Programs and Services
Policy 13 Finances
Policy 14 Audits
Policy 15 Assets
Policy 16 Conflict of Interest

Administrative Procedures Manual

Section 1 School Administration
Section 2 A Human Resources - Foundations
Section 2 B Human Resources - Job Descriptions
Section 2 C Human Resources - Evaluations
Section 3 Programs and Services
Section 4 Outside Agency Interaction
Section 5 Business Administration
Section 6 Maintenance
Section 7 Safe Schools
Section 8 Transportation
Section 9 Accessibility

Safety Manual

Section 1 Philosophy and Commitment
Section 2 Administration
Section 3 Programs and Training
Section 4 Misc

The following manuals are to be used in conjunction with the Administrative Procedures Manual:

Coaching Manual

The following handbook is a reference tool for Park West School Division Trustees:

Trustee Handbook

Board By Laws

04-17 - Appointment By-Law
05-17 - Indemnity By-Law
06-17 - Borrowing By-Law
03-17 - Procedural By Law

If you have comments or suggestions regarding the above policies, please contact Tanya Thompson.