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In Park West School Division, the Student Services Team provides support to all students, teachers and families to help make the school experience for all students as successful as possible.
The Division has developed a Student Services Handbook. This handbook was written as a resource guide for Student Services in Park West School Division. It contains current policies and procedures that have been linked to online government documents wherever applicable. The manual will incorporate new policies and procedures as they are developed. It is intended primarily for use by administrators, school teams and student services professionals. Other professionals, parents/guardians and community members may also find it useful.View our handbook for further information on Student Services in Park West.

The Role of Student Services

Supporting students in Park West School Division occurs as pictured in the diagram below. At the centre is the student, with core team supports provided by the teacher and parent. If this is not enough support, the team can obtain help from other disciplines (specialist personnel). Inclusive practice encourages transdisciplinary sharing and collegiality, working within the consultative/ collaborative model.

Some students enter school with various disciplines already involved. Formal introduction of a new discipline or agency requires a referral with written parental/guardian approval. Any specialist support person becomes part of the student's support team. Specialist personnel might work directly with the student or consult/train other team members such as parents/guardians, teachers or educational assistants.

Student Services Team

Position Name Phone Number Email
Student Services Coordinator Bonnie Kiliwnik 842-2107
Speech Pathologist Kim Baskerville 842-2812
Speech Pathologist Amber English 842-2823
Speech Pathologist Jennifer Carter 859-2811
School Psychologist Ashley Wood 842-2803
School Psychologist Betty Senger 842-3317
Guidance Program Facilitator Nadine Hickey 821-6998

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