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Career and Technology Studies Strategy (CTS)

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) programming is student driven, comprised of individualized community based internship experiences and opportunities. An internship is a structured educational experience which incorporates productive work experience as a regular part of a student's curriculum. Through this internship experience students are provided the opportunity to improve their basic skills while seeing the career skills being applied in real-world situations. Students select their practicum based on personal interests. Students use this opportunity to explore personal strengths, affirm interests, and develop technical skills which may lead to employment or further study. The student is provided with relevant experiences outside the classroom which complement in-school activity. CTS courses count as cred toward High School diplomas. The work site does not pay interns a salary.

Shaylin Stebeleski, a participant of CTS in her grade 11 year in 2013-2014, was a intern at the Shoal Lake Strathclair Health Centre where she experienced a variety of health care occupations. When she first signed up for CTS she wanted to be a Lab Technician but during her intersnship at the centre she realized she would like to become a nurse. Shaylin is now enrolled in the Health Care Aide program in Birtle and currently works part-time for the Shoal Lake Strathclair Health Centre. Park West School Division would like to thank the Shoal Lake Strathclair Health Centre for being a great community partner, to the staff for mentoring Shaylin and having such a positive impact on her future.

Essentially, a student's program is defined by the option courses they select. Regardless of the program, all students are required to complete standard compulsory academic subjects (e.g. Mathematics, Language Arts) prescribed by Manitoba Education. In Park West School Division (PWSD), CTS is a complementary program, it is not an alternative track.

CTS is an umbrella titel for a combination of option courses. The courses are assembled into pathways for individual students that focus on their unique interests, personal strengths and career aspirations. CTS allows students to do an unpaid internship in the community or region in a career that they are interested in. If a student identifies a career where no placement can be found, utilization of technology can be implemented for that student to connect with people in that chosen profession to find out more about it. For every 110 hours internship, the student achieves one credit.

Students enrolled in CTS may pursue a certificate in one of the following pathways:

HRH: Health, Recreation & Human Services

The HRH cluster focuses on a vast array of challenging and rewarding careers in health care, community supoorts, recreation, cosmetology, food services, tourism and law.

MDC: Media, Design & Communication Arts

The MDC cluster is designed to provide students the flexibility to adapt to various situations relating to design, communication and esthetics. Courses relate to art and culture, such as the performing arts, film and video, broadcasting, journalism, writing, creative design, fashion, libraries and museums.

NAT: Natural Resources

The NAT cluster focuses on conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources. Students develop the motivation and commitment to work individually and collectively as private citizens and members of the workforce toward the conservation and responsible use of air, energy, forests, land, minerals, water and wildlife.

TMT: Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation

The TMT cluster focuses on skills and knowledge related to the design, construction, fabrication and maintenance of a product. Courses relate to manufacturing, processing, utilities, construction, mechanics, fabrication, trades suprvision, trades contracting, logistics, transporation and heavy equipment.

Vocational Coordinator

Lindsay Rubeniuk
Phone: (204) 821-5174