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Administration Office

Box 68
1126 St. Clare Street
Birtle, Manitoba
R0M 0C0
Phone: 842-2100
Fax: 842-2110
Toll Free: 1-877-418-5320

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Code Procedure Name
200A WS&H Procedure
201A Notice of WS&H Concern
202A WS&H Terms of Reference
203A Violence Procedure
204A Harassment
205A Harassment Report
206A Violent Incident Procedure and Report Form
207A Violence Assessment Form
208A Work Alone Procedure
209A Safety and Health of Students
210A Handling of Controlled Product and Emergency Spills
211A MSI Risk Assessment
212A Hazard Assessment Tool
213A Critical Job Inventory
214A Job Hazard Analysis
215A Job Hazard Analysis Template
216A Safe Work Procedures Sample
217A Biological and Infectious Maderials
218A Blood Pathogens
219A Mold Prevention and Remediation
220A Mold Remediation Safe Work Procedure
221A Water Damage Cleanup and Mold Prevention
222A Personal Protective Equipment
223A Incident Reporting and Accident Investigation
224A Incident Reporting and Accident Investigation Form
225A Asbestos Control
226A Asbestos Inventory and Inspection Log
227A Asbestos Sampling Safe Work Procedure
228A Asbestos Tracking Form
229A Reinspection of Asbestos Materials
230A Right to Refuse Dangerous Work
231A Right to Refuse Dangerous Work flo chart - Appendix B
323A Right to Refuse Dangerous Work Form
233A Lock Out Program
234A Contracted or Self Employed Persons
235A Contracted or Self Employed Acknowledgement Form
236A Racking and Shelving Procedure
237A Air Sample
238A New Worker Orientation Checklist and Acknowledgement Form
239A Safety Intro for New Employees
240A Slips, Trips, and Falls Procedure
241A Confined Spaces Procedure
242A Entry Permit and Gas Monitoring Record
243A Machine Guarding Procedure
244A Hot Works Procedure
245A Hot Works Permit
246A Powered Mobile Equipment
247A Powered Mobile Equipment Checklist
248A Inspection Procedure
249A Workplace Safety Inspection
250A Crisis Response - Division Office
251A Inspection Procedure
252A Assessment Tool

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