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Regular Board Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

Attendance at a Board Meeting
Addressing the Board
What to Expect at a Public Board Meeting
Special Board Meetings
Board Meeting Reports


Public meetings are held on the second and fourth thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. During the months of August and December there is only one board meeting held. There are no board meetings during the month of July.

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Board meetings are held in the board room at the Administration Office located at 1126 St. Clare Street, Birtle, MB

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Attendance at a Board Meeting

The public is invited to attend any public board meeting. Occasionally there is a pre-board meeting of the Committee of the Whole (in camera session) before the public meeting. The doors will open just before 7:00 p.m. and you are welcome to enter at this time. The public meeting runs until the agenda is complete and adjournment is generally 9:30 but may go longer. If a post-board meeting of the Committee of the Whole (in camera) is held, there will be a short break during which the public is excused.

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Addressing the Board

Those wishing to attend or observe do not need to make prior arrangements. Those wishing to address the board on an issue or concern must make prior arrangements as follows:

View policies KE, KE-R, BDDH, BDDH-R ; Procedure for Delegations Wishing to Appear Before the Board
Anyone can make a presentation to the Board on a Divisional issue provided:

Appropriate notice is provided as per above policies or CEO approval and all normal dispute resolution procedures or formal channels have been exhausted.

The presentation will occur immediately following the official opening of the meeting, with the exception of personnel or contract issues, in which case it would be deferred to the Committee of the Whole In-Camera Meeting.

One spokesperson shall be identified for the group presenting.

The maximum time allotted per presentation is 15 minutes.

No decision will be made at the meeting where the presentation occurs. It will be carried forward to the next official meeting.

Trustees and Administration may pose questions for clarification but an immediate response to the presentation should not be expected during the meeting.

Board decisions regarding presentations will be communicated directly with the presenter by mail, telephone or both.

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What to expect at a Public Board Meeting

Visitors may sit in the chairs provided around the board room.

Agendas can be viewed online prior to the meeting at and paper copies are available at the meeting.

The business of the meeting begins with the Opening of the Meeting led by a Trustee or Senior Administration, followed by the adoption of the agenda, the approval of the minutes, and unfinished business. Delegations, Board Education, Senior Administration reports and New Business items are heard next. Items relating to personnel, negotiations and other sensitive information may be dealt with In-Camera, a confidential session including only the Board of Trustees and Senior Administration.

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Special Board Meetings

Separate board committees for Finance, Personnel, Public Relations and Policy meet separately and report to the board at public board meetings.

In addition to the regularly scheduled public board meetings, the Board may at any time hold special meetings of the Committee of the Whole.

The board also invites groups to meetings which are not public but by invitation. Examples of these are the Employee Recognition and Retirement Banquet in June and possible Liaison meetings.
The Public Budget Meeting is held each year at 7:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of February. The public will be able to join the meetings by IITV. The locations will be announced closer to the date.

A pre-budget public meetings (November) and two public budget meetings (February) are held in each year in different communities. The public will be able to join the meetings by IITV. The location and times will be announced closer to the date.

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Board Meeting Reports

Minutes from Board Meetings are posted on this website. View minutes here.

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