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Box 68
1126 St. Clare Street
Birtle, Manitoba
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Phone: 842-2100
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Toll Free: 1-877-418-5320

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Our Motto

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

Our People

Our People

  • Focusing on students first.

  • Empowering students as decision makers in their educational experience.

  • Supporting educators by providing ongoing professional development.

  • Working with a strong and inclusive leadership team to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Establishing clear directions and high expectations through reflective governance.

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

  • Recognizing that all stakeholders are integral partners in education.

  • Engaging parents and the community as active partners in the learning process.

  • Ensuring open and transparent communication.

  • Strengthening links among schools, families and communities.

Our Practices

Our Practices

  • Having high expectations for all students.

  • Embracing diversity and ensuring inclusion and equity.

  • Celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of all students.

  • Treating each other with dignity and respect.

  • Providing a teaching and learning environment that is physically safe and emotionally secure.

  • Demonstrating integrity and ethical behaviour.

  • Encouraging risk taking and innovation.

  • Using research-based, best practice teaching methodologies to enhance student learning experiences and the application of concepts.

  • Using data analysis and research as the basis for continous improvement in instruction.

  • Demonstrating responsible resource management.

Our Programs

Our Programs

  • Ensuring diversity and equity in our programs.

  • Making positive early childhood experiences a priority.

  • Integrating techonology fully and appropriately.

  • Developing social and emotional responsibility.

  • Monitoring each student's progress through the use of meaningful assessment processes.

  • Using learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, to enhance the development, success and well-being of the whole child.

  • Providing a challenging and engaging learning environment.

  • Meeting individual student needs and focusing on the whole child.

  • Focusing on literacy and numeracy.