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Student Citizenship Awards

Park West Student Citizenship Nominees and Winners

2016 - 2017 Presentation
2015 - 2016 Presentation
2014 - 2015 Presentation
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2012 - 2013 Presentation

"be the CHANGE you wish to see in the WORLD"
~ Mahatma Gandhi

About the Awards

2016/2017 Student Citizenship Application Form

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Park West School Division supports the Manitoba School Board Association's Student Citizenship awards. These awards recognize individuals and groups of students that demonstrate their committment to the values of citizenship through various activities.

Park West hosts an annual banquet to honour the students tha have displayed leadership, citizenship, and social justice qualities. Each school nomiates individual students or groups which have made a positive impact on their schools, community, and global community.

The Criteria
The Board of Trustees select one individual applicant and one group applicant and submit these nominations to the Manitoba School Boards Association. The below criteria is considered when selecting the applicants:

1. Volunteer service to the community (i.e. service to health care facilities, senior citizen croups, shelters, day care centers).
2. Involvement in citizenship or character building organizations.
3. Participation in student government programs or activities.
4. Leadership ability to motivate others to actions to benefit the community.

The Information If you are interested in learning more about the awards, please contact your school principal or a teacher.

The Process
Each school within Park West School Division is invited to nomiate one student AND/OR one student group for these awards. A student, staff member, or a community member may initiate a nomination. A nomination must take the form of a complete application, as follows:

A. Student Application
1. Completed application form (including activity summary page)
2. An essay (maximum 500 words) from the student or group that degines what citizenship means to them, and/or describes how the student or group has tried to live out the concept of good citizenship in school and community.
Sample Application Form

B. Two Sponsoring Letters as follows:
1. A letter from an official at the student's or group's school that: describes the context in which the sponsoring official has known or worked with the student or group; describes how the student's or group's actions at school demonstrate good citizenhip.
2. A letter from a representative of a community organization that: indicates the individual's relationship with the student or group describes how the student's or group's actions in the community demonstrate good citizenship.

C. Digital Pictures
Please submit up to 5 digital pictures to accompany your application.

The Timeline
The applications are availalbe from your school or on our website in the late fall. The deadline for applications is early January. All applications must be complete and submitted on time in order to be considered.

Provincial Awards
Park West School Division selects one individual applicant and one group applicant and submits these nominations to the Manitoba School Boards Association.

The Manitoba School Baords Assocation Student Citizenship Awards program for public school students in Manitoba recognizes outstanding young people throughout Manitoba who are active particpants in their communities and schools. Seven awards are given annually, one to a student in each of the association's six geographic regions, and one provincial award to a student group. The awards take the form of a certificate and $500. Students nomiated but not selected to receive and individual award will receive a certificate and $100. There are no age or grade restrictions on this award; all students in regular attendance in the K-12 program at a Manitoba public school are eligible.

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) will further recognize one of the association's individual award winners by way of the AMM George Harbottle Memorial Award, in recognition of outstanding contributions at the community level. This award consists of $1000. The AMM George Harbottle Memorial Award focuses specifically on those contributions that a student has made in the greater community, beyond the school walls.

The seven regionally-based directors who serve on the association's provincial executive will act as the selection committee for the Student Citizenship Awards. Representatives of AMM will select from among the individual winners of the Manitoba School Boards Association Student Citizenship Awards one student to receive the AMM George Harbottle Memoral Award.

Those applicants chosed to receive the Manitoba School Boards Association awards will be notified, through the Superintendent's office in early March. These awards recipients and their families will be invited to receive their award at a special awards ceremony in WInnipeg during the MSBA convention in March. The winner of the George Harbottle Memorial Award will be announced at that ceremony.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer, always remember, you have within you, the strength, the patience & the passion to reach for the change the world.
~ Harriet Tubman